Friday, May 30, 2008


This is one of the most beautiful tattoo I ever seen. Beautiful, isn't it? Oh ya, when you visit Bali and like to try the tattoo, you can easily find tattoo maker, both temporary and permanent, at Kuta area.


It's so fun to see how monkeys family sharing food and playing together in Monkey Forest, Ubud - Bali. But be careful. Most of the monkeys there are quite naughty. They can find out if you have foods in your purse or bag. Even if you do not bring any food with you they can blackmailing you by robbing your accessories so that you finally have to buy bananas to be exchanged with them.
Despite of the naughty monkeys, those monkeys in Monkey Forest are funny and interesting to see. The forest they inhabited is very beautiful, with a river flows through it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kuta Beach, Bali - 2008

This is how Kuta Beach looked when I visit again in 2008. Much better right? Many tourists come back visiting Bali again. Start to see crowds again. Crowds is not always interesting, but at least it shows that people start to trust Bali again. Kuta Beach is alive again. You can see tourists swimming, surfing, walking, sunbathing and even having massage at the beach. Many shops open again, Bali people selling again.

Thanks to Bali people who maintain the cleanness and beauty of Kuta Beach. Salute for the patient of Bali people.

Kuta Beach, Bali - 2006

The beach in this picture is Kuta Beach, the most popular beach in Bali, and one of my most favorable spot as well. In 2006 as shown in this picture, Kuta was still quite. Not many tourist coming as the impact of Bali Blast in 2002 and 2003. I salute Bali people who never give up under the difficult situation. Things has been changed in 2008. Kuta and the overall Bali start to recover again (I will show you the picture after this).

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kemenuh Water Fall, Bali

I found this interesting place by accident. When we headed from Celuk to Goa Gajah, we met local people telling us that there's a nice waterfall not far away from Goa Gajah. The waterfall name is Kemenuh Waterfall, as it's located at Kemenuh Village. As we found it, it was really good to have some relaxing there while enjoying the sound of water falling.

Barong, Bali

Still around Bali Dance..the picture above taken from the same moment with the first one. The cute creature beside me was Mr. Barong (hehe..). He's the main actor in Barong Dance. Barong is the host of good in the story shows by the Barong Dance. In the story Mr. Barong saved a prince from the evil, Rangda. may try to watch it sometime if you interested to know the whole story.

Bali Dancer

A bit confuse where to start, I think it might be good to start here, my favorite one, Bali! Bali is my most favorite place for holiday so far. I love almost every aspect there, including the dance. This picture was taken in 2006. Those two beautiful ladies are the dancer for Barong and Keris dance attraction in Bali. Barong and Keris dance attraction can be seen in several places in Bali incuding Denpasar and Batu Bulan.