Friday, October 31, 2008

Bicycle - Sanur Beach

One beautiful day, when we were in Bali and stayed at Sanur, early in the morning we're rushing to head to Sanur Beach. This beach is very well known with the beautiful sunrise view it has in the morning. Many visitors who stayed at the hotel arounds came by walk or by bicycle. While waiting for the best shot for the sunrise I was tempted to take the picture of those bicycles.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lion and Monkey

When I visited Monkey Forest at Ubud, Bali, a very beautiful forest with lots of monkeys inside, I sawBalinese Hindu temple which surrounded by many statues. Most of the statues were duplicating kinds of animals. Then on one of the statue I found something cute, a small monkey. This monkey in the picture understood that I was going to take picture of the statue, lion's statue! He sat there nicely while looking at me, waiting for the click of my camera. A curious thinking then came into my mind, if it were not a statue, but a real lion, did the monkey have any guts to sit on top of it? Hehe..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Balinese Mask

Mask has been used for many different purposes by many countries. Some of the functions are as a protection on human's face, used in a performance or amusement in certain ceremonial, and some people use them for a concealment.

Mask is also very attached with Balinese people, I would say that it's part of Balinese culture. The wearing of mask is involved in almost all Balinese dance. Mask is used to identify the bad and good character. Some of the mask used in Balinese dance is even said to have magical charge. The oldest Balinese mask called as topeng pejagen (red: topeng means mask) performed in the sacred inner courtyard in Bali's temple.

In the current age the use of mask in Bali has been more popular as a part of entertainment.

Friday, October 10, 2008

In a Cage

Today as I browsed some of other city daily photo's blogs I found that many of the blogs talking about this month theme which is 'lines'. Under my curiosity I checked the city daily photo website and decided to participate on this month's theme. But then I wonder whether I have a picture to support the theme. Fortunately I found this picture in my archive, picture of an owl in a cage (big cage) which was taken in Bird Park, Bali. What do you think? Is this picture representative enough for the 'lines' theme?

Oh gosh...apparently I participate other theme, 'book', for next month :(.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Escape from The Hectic

Finally, I can help my self escape from the hectic of Jakarta city and have a little holiday. This time it's not in Bali, but in a small island near Jakarta city, where I live. However, it's still fun though. The name of the island is Pramuka Island, which is part of Thousand Islands. There I could feel the simplicity of country life style, seeing the kids playing in the sea. Above picture showing one of the island's kids playing nakedly in the sea with his friends.

Still, it's not the only enjoyment I got. It got more excited when I tried to snorkel in a not too deep sea near to an island called Air Island (red: air means water). Difficult to express the beauty of creatures you can see under the sea. Blue fish, yellow fish, purple, blue and yellow ridge of rocks, and starfishes. I can never be bored to enjoy them. I thank God for the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of His creatures again.