Thursday, October 2, 2008

Escape from The Hectic

Finally, I can help my self escape from the hectic of Jakarta city and have a little holiday. This time it's not in Bali, but in a small island near Jakarta city, where I live. However, it's still fun though. The name of the island is Pramuka Island, which is part of Thousand Islands. There I could feel the simplicity of country life style, seeing the kids playing in the sea. Above picture showing one of the island's kids playing nakedly in the sea with his friends.

Still, it's not the only enjoyment I got. It got more excited when I tried to snorkel in a not too deep sea near to an island called Air Island (red: air means water). Difficult to express the beauty of creatures you can see under the sea. Blue fish, yellow fish, purple, blue and yellow ridge of rocks, and starfishes. I can never be bored to enjoy them. I thank God for the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of His creatures again.

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pendidikan said...

Naked boy...
Funny hahaha

Rumah Investasi said...


J.C. said...

I truly envy you! Reading your adventurous trip to islands....mmm..wish I am snorkelling with those fishes too!

Btw, I am glad to see a Bali Photo Daily. Bali has always being a favourite island to me. Love the culture and natural beauty of the island.

Anak Dokan said...

JC: You have the same favourite island with me then, Bali :).

Regarding the snorkel, why not try to visit here and snorkel, considering KL and Indonesia is just a neighbor.

Pendidikan & Rumah Investasi: you know exactly how funny it was.