Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where's the Waves?

What else the most interesting and challenging sport you can do in Kuta Beach, Bali? Yes, it's only surfing. If some people run away from waves, to surf well you have to play with waves. Just like our live, sometimes we need to play with the waves of life in order to keep living. Waves not always bad huh..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Motorbikes in Bali

Besides being called as paradise, I would also call Bali as a motorbike island. Motorbike is the most favorable vehicle used to travel around. Especially at Kuta, the center of gala, you can easily find motorbikes for rental. I myself prefer motorbikes rather than car.

The Blue of Dasa Temple Area

Dasa Temple area in Bali is another beauty of Bali. However the temple itself not become the object of interest when people visiting there, that's you can't see a temple in this picture. The beauty of small lake with many of small lotus flower grows in it become more interesting than the temple. The position that is in-front of blue ocean makes it even more interesting. Just a good place for relaxing and releasing your stressness. Dasa Temple is close to Besakih, but quite far away from Kuta, the center of gala in Bali.