Monday, June 15, 2009

Slingshot at Kuta - Bali

Some people may think that Bali is merely a cultural island with beautiful landscape. But let me clarify that it's not. Bali is also an island for adventures and games. There quite many adventures can be enjoyed in Bali, such as diving, snorkeling, para sailing, and many others. The picture I show here is slingshot that you could enjoy at Kuta, Bali.

4 komentar:

yevisha said...

lol. i don't know if 'enjoy' is the right word. it always looks a bit scarey to me. i don't know if i'd be brave enough to ride it. lots of people love it. i think it's built by australians. hope you are well. :) Fran

Anak Dokan said...

Haha...I think you're correct Fran. I myself have no guts to try it :). Have a nice weekend to you.

Sildenafil said...

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